NYの人気店「エッグ(egg)」何故か池袋で2017年春オープン 気になるお店eggとは?



This restaurant, and the food it serves, would not exist without the love and sweat of African-Americans, immigrants, women, and LGBTQ people. Indeed our entire food system depends, and has depended for centuries, on their work. Unless you’re growing all your own food, these people are feeding you every day.

We as a restaurant, we as people who care about food, owe it to these folks to make sure that they are safe here as our neighbors and to try to build a country that acknowledges their work and embraces them with the love and respect that they deserve.

Every day, it’s our privilege to serve breakfast and lunch to hundreds of people from every walk of life and corner of the globe. We see people sit down and eat together and have real conversations with one another. Those moments of connection and those conversations are the building blocks of community and of our country. This week has made it clearer than ever how important it is that we have those conversations, and made us resolve anew to ensure that we are a welcoming and safe space for them to take place.




住所:東京都豊島区池袋 2-37-4 としま産業振興プラザ IKE・Biz

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ニックネーム PONMAN(ぽんマン) 最近、食べ過ぎでお腹がでてきて「たぬき」みたいだからついたあだ名。 飲食業界に15年いて遊ぶことが大好き 自分の行動を単純にログするためのブログですが、「楽しい人生設計」「ストレスをためない」ように生きています。 旅×写真×絵が好き